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Link to YoungMX!

Link to YoungMX!


Any file here that ends in extension .dll should be saved to the YoungMX directory. The following plugins are available for download:

Scheduler (1.0.7)

The scheduler is a plugin that lets you set specific times or dates when YoungMX should automatically perform an action. Features include scheduling by day, week or specific date, and actions include playing files, reloading media, generating playlists and more.

Mod Player (2.0.1)

This plugin adds support for the mod, it, s3m and xm file formats in YoungMX. This plugin uses the fmodex library to render the files. This newest version finally plays on all speakers of a surround sound system!

Oldschool Formats Collections

This is a collection of winamp plugins that work with YoungMX to add support for nsf, spc, and sid audio.

Current Song Uploader (1.0.2)

Do you want to be able to do what I did on the YoungMX homepage? Download the Current Song Uploader plugin to add automatic site update functionality to YoungMX. Simply configure the plugin to upload to the ftp of your site, and paste the php code below wherever you want to display your current song.

$s_file = 'textfile.txt';
$fp = fopen($s_file, "r");
$song = fread($fp, filesize($s_file));
echo $song;

Song on Desktop Plugin (1.0.1)

This plugin allows you to display the current song on your screen every time a new song is played. A small window will fade in, showing the current song, and after three seconds, fade back out again. A click on the window also causes it to fade back out again. The window is rather customizable as well, allowing for custom colors, semi-customizable window shapes, and an optional border. The latest update fixes issues with the plugin stealing focus.

Do you want to write your own plugin? Read the documentation on the YoungMX plugin architecture. YoungMX comes with the source code for a basic plugin (Visual Basic) already in the install directory.

Copyright © 2004-2009 Shaun Taylor. All rights reserved. The current version is 0.9.8.